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Why US Bench?

One of the Fastest Growing Out-of-Home Media Forms in Minnesota: The Outdoor Bench Advertising Program 

Situated three feet from the roadway, these 12 square foot displays offer broad reach and very high frequency at a fraction of the cost of other media. Advertising benches work continuously -- day after day, week after week, month after month. This unique and powerful medium affords the advertiser the advantage of 24-hour continuous exposure. The fact that bench outdoor advertising cannot be turned off, deserted, or discarded by the Twin Cities commuter is very important. 

Outdoor Advertising Benches: A Tried and Tested Durable Program 


Outdoor advertising benches have been used as a medium for over 65 years in the Twin Cities market. In Minnesota and the Twin Cities in particular, we have a bench system unmatched anywhere in the country. This has resulted from bench design, maintenance, and strict government regulation and control. This system has resulted in the average courtesy bench advertiser in the metro area having used benches for nearly 20 years. Many advertisers have used bench advertising for 30 to 40 and even 50 years continuously. We realize this is the strongest endorsement of the effectiveness and value our customers find in our program. 

Benches Provide Windshield-Level Displays 

Benches are placed at traffic intersections and are positioned both parallel and perpendicular to traffic. These units are installed adjacent to the curb and provide displays at windshield level for motorists and eye level for pedestrian traffic. Mass transit riders are also exposed directly to this medium. 

Twin Cities' High Mobility = Big Benefits in Outdoor Bench Advertising


Due to the excellent feeder system of roads, Twin Cities traffic is dispersed throughout our surface streets. Low-density housing creates over eight million auto trips daily, with an average drive-time to and from work of 17 minutes. Ninety-five percent of our population relies on private transportation with an average of 2.4 vehicles per household. Bench outdoor advertising can reach those masses of commuters and provide virtually 100 percent coverage of the Twin Cities market, or bench placement can target special communities or groups of consumers.

Traffic Audit and Average Effective Circulation 

Traffic audit figures were provided by Minneapolis-St. Paul traffic departments

and Hennepin County, Ramsey County, Scott County, and Anoka County Engineering Departments. Based on presently licensed bench locations, the average daily effective circulation in Minneapolis-St. Paul markets is 19,265 impressions per 24-hour period per bench display. Including first-tier suburbs and second-tier suburbs, the metro average DEC is 16,353 impressions per 24-hour period per bench display.

Outdoor Bench Advertising Has High-Impact Visibility 

Bench outdoor advertising can provide localization of messages or target the entire metropolitan area. The benches provide great awareness and visibility with continuous exposure 24 hours a day. The high reach and frequency of this medium can provide saturation of the entire market with no waste circulation. Outdoor bench advertising is the most cost-effective media buy in the Twin Cities market.

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